There are various options for accommodation in Reading:
  • homestay
  • renting
  • house
  • flat sharing and hotels
  • serviced apartments


We can arrange for you to stay in homestay accommodation in Reading, where you will be treated as a full member of the household and live in an English speaking environment. There is a £30 arrangement fee, and the homestay fee is from £150 to £155 per week.

Renting and house sharing

There are various different options for students who are looking for rented accommodation in Reading. These include renting a house or flat, a flat or house share with other students, or renting a room in a house.

There are several agencies and there is advertising for accommodation in local newspapers, as well as messages in shop windows. Most students share houses in the town.

Hotels/Serviced Apartments

There are many hotels in the Reading area including: Premier Inn, Ibis, Crowne Plaza and more.

Serviced apartments include: Saco Serviced Apartments, Cozy Nest, Q Apartments, Premier Suites and more.

You can find hotels by using Yellow Pages and you can see what other guests thought about the hotels they stayed in on Trip Advisor.