General English

Which class will I be in?

When you arrive and enrol at the school you will be given a placement test, which will determine which class/classes you will be able to attend. The placement test includes a grammar,writing and speaking test. The staff and teachers will look at your overall results and decide which level(s) to put you in. You may be put into two different levels. For example if your spoken English is good but you have a low score in the grammar part of the test we may decide to include Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate classes so that you benefit from two levels.

Beginner and Elementary

The school does not run courses for beginners or at the elementary level although private one-to-one tuition may be available. Please contact us for more information.


This level enables people to gain basic English skills, understand short notices and simple spoken directions, communicate in familiar situations.


At this level, learners should be able to cope linguistically in a range of every day situations which require use of English in their own or foreign country, in contact with native and non-native speakers of the language.

First Certificate

Learners should have a wide grasp of vocabulary, be able to construct an argument, use appropriate communication styles for a variety of situations, be aware of register and of the conventions of politeness and degrees of formality as they are expressed through language.


It indicates a high level of language competence for candidates wishing to use English for professional or study purposes and communicate confidently in most daily situations & work.


This is the highest level course which shows progress beyond a good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and the ability to use the language in real contexts. Ideal for those seeking to work or study abroad, or to develop a career which requires language skills.

Student Testimonials

Aprender y mejorar Inglés fue uno de mis propósitos cuando decidí ir a Inglaterra (Reading) por primera vez, y me alegra decir que no he podido tener más suerte y hacer mejor elección con a la academia de estudios TELC, durante mi estancia de dos meses. Aunque al principio tuve dudas respecto a matricularme en este centro ya que estuve visitando varias academias, el precio atractivo y la increíble atmosfera de trabajo me hizo decidirme, además debo decir que estoy más que agradecido tanto con Kate y Lucy ambas profesoras y grandes profesionales, con las cuales además de aprender me he divertido ya que consiguen dar las clases con gran sentido de humor lo cual hace que sean muy entretenidas, también quiero destacar a Kasia, la recepcionista que ha sido muy amable y atenta desde el primer momento mostrándome ayuda en todo. Por tanto, por todas estas razones recomendaría encarecidamente esta escuela en Reading a todas las personas interesadas en aprender inglés, pero al mismo tiempo pasar un buen rato con personas que te hacen sentir como en casa. Muchas gracias por todo, *****

Javier, Spain

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