Fees for full-time students

Full-time Tier 4 students

Full-time students with Short Term Student Visa (6 or 11 months)

Refunds for Visa Students

Fees will not be refunded unless the student's visa application has been refused and a letter of refusal has been provided to the school. In this event, a £300 administration fee will be kept by the school for each and every visa application.

There is no refund if:

Full-time students who do not require a visa

Full-time students who do not require a visa may also pay in advance on a monthly or weekly basis. The fees are: 

Registration fee £20.00 (no fee in January 2019)

Paid monthly in advance:

Paid weekly in advance:

How to book a course

To book a place on a course, please email The English Language Centre and tell us which course you are interested in and when you would like to come or fill in an application form.