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Frequently Asked Questions

What country are the other students from?

From many different countries. At present about half the students come from Spain, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic but there are also students from many other European countries as well as Japan, China, South America and Thailand.

How do I get from the airport to the school?

Take the RailAir coach from the central bus station in Heathrow Airport to Reading main railway station.

What level do I need to be?

The school does not run group classes for beginners. You will be studying at the following levels or higher:

Which class will I be in?

On arrival you will take an assessment test which we will use to check your level and put you into the right class.

How long are the lessons?

Group lessons are all two hours long.

Do I need to buy course books?

Some course books and workbooks are included in the fees for full-time students. Otherwise you will have to buy a course book and a workbook before starting the course.

Do I need insurance?

We strongly advise you to take out insurance to cover the time you spend in the UK. This should include full cover for emergency medical expenses.