CELTA Course - Student Feedback

Course Tutors:  All really good, prompt replies to any queries, good advice, friendly and helpful
Tom - July 2018

It was very useful to be able to observe the teachers; as time went on you could pick up more and more about how it's done.
Bo - July 2018

I have found the course hard work, but very interesting and enjoyable.
Amanda - March 2018

I was initially a little traumatised that I was expected to teach a lesson in my first week but I found the guidance, and more importantly, the very detailed and constructive feedback throughout the course, to be of a very high standard.
Steve - March 2018

The course is one of the best things I have done and its all down to the tutors that delivered it with such excellence.
Kalsum - March 2018

Thank you to all teachers and staff during our course.  I learnt a lot and made many good changes due to the CELTA course.
Yuksel - March 2018

Really good support, guidance and feedback
Charley - July 2017

Excellent tutors, always approachable and helpful. Teaching style continually reinforced through their manner and approach.
Frankie - July 2017

Both tutors were very supportive, knowledgeable and professional.
Natalie - July 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I would definitely recommend The Centre to other CELTA students.
Deborah - April 2017

Assignments were very well focussed to the aims and outcomes of the course
Ruth - April 2017

The moment I walked into The English Language Centre I felt a warm sense of welcome and community. I immediately knew this was the place for me.
Paul - April 2017

The assignments were very clear and very relevant, and the observations of live teaching were great.
Ahmad - July 2016

We were always given useful and constructive feedback.
Tom - July 2016

The pre-course task gave a good indication of the topics which would be covered and gave a good idea of the gaps in my knowledge.The tutors were very helpful and provide brilliant models for teaching.
Rebecca - July 2016

The tutors were outstanding and have extraordinary skills. They were always constructive and always approachable and accessible.
Chris - July 2016

There was a good variety of assignments, which were relevant to the whole process.
Sean - July 2016

The centre staff are very approachable and professional and the course was very enjoyable.
Kate - April 2016

The teaching practice was really helpful, especially the feedback from the tutors and other trainees.
Julie - April 2016

The assignment topics were nicely organised and provided the necessary knowledge for future teaching.
Mozhgan - April 2016

Input delivery was dynamic and the content varied.
Will - April 2016

Really enjoyed the whole experience. Feel like I've learnt a lot and am looking forward to getting a job. Hard work, but fun.
* 2015

I would love to do the course again, but with more time, I think I would have learnt even more. Hard work but enjoyable. Very glad I did it.
* 2015

Genuinely feel I could (with much preparation) actually teach a group of students!
* 2015

The tutors were excellent! Never had any concerns about approaching them and always received relevant, appropriate and helpful responses.
* 2015

The tutors were very good and most helpful.
Despite the stress (!) I have enjoyed the course and found it a fascinating subject.
* 2015

* 2015 comments from Alyona, Mark, Ann, Nick, Rachel, Sue

The course was hard but I really enjoyed it. I thought that the input sessions were fantastic. I learnt so much from the experience and wealth of knowledge of the tutors.
Jenny - 2014

Tutors were excellent - always available 24/7 - very helpful.
Lucy - 2014

The course was well paced and the tutors approachable and friendly. The college environment is professional yet informal, like a family.
Jonathan - 2014

Clare and Lorraine have been excellent. Very thorough, very knowledgeable and gave supportive and constructive feedback.
I'm glad I stayed on the course despite early wobbles! Thank you.
Jo - 2014

Found both tutors very helpful all the way through the course.
Renata - 2014

Feedback was excellent and gave good overviews of my strengths and areas to work on.
Great support from Clare and Lorraine. They were both very approachable and had the right mix of informality and professionalism.
I have really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot in a short time.
Rosie - 2014

Both Lorraine and Clare were absolutely brilliant - approachable, professional and knowledgeable.
Heidi - 2013

Excellent in every respect.
WA - 2013

Teaching practice was the best part of the course because it provided me with real-life situations. I would recommend this centre to anyone considering teaching English.
Avtar - 2013

Really friendly staff and a very pleasant environment to study in.
Cristina - 2013

Group sizes (of trainees) were good and feedback as a group was brilliant. Number of students was unpredictable but that's a good thing as it kept us on our toes. Overall the course was excellent. It really felt worthwhile throughout.
Andrew - 2013

Very impressed by how well the run the course is. Would definitely recommend the college and tutors to anyone thinking of doing the course.

Lorraine and Clare were fantastic, it's been so interesting talking to them and I've learned so much, not just about course material but also about their experiences teaching.
Collin - 2013

The tutors were very professional and steered us through the course well.
Anne - 2013

Sorry it's all over! Enjoyed the course and the people I've met.
Ray - 2013

Course tutors were very approachable, contactable and professional. Good criticism thoughout the course.
Vix - 2012

Clare and Lorraine were exceptionally good. Helpful every step of the way.
Mark - 2012

Lovely tutors! Very professional, always approachable. Great pace of lessons. Thank you all. You made it all much easier!
Kirstin - 2012

Tutors very supportive and professional, as is the school in general. Enjoyed the course hugely and will miss everyone!
Candice - 2012

Fantastic course! Would recommend to all!
Dahlia - 2012

Teachers at the centre were very helpful in letting us observe their classes.
Mansoor - 2012

I've enjoyed every minute of it!
Nora - 2012

The tutors were both excellent, a good balance of professionalism and friendliness. Both very helpful.
Margaret - 2012

The course tutors were excellent. Both surpassed my expectation. Brilliant teachers and tutors.
Susan - 2012

The course tutors were approachable, helpful and made the process an insightful yet challenging one. I've never had such effective teaching. The input sessions were extrememly effective and memorable.
Alice - 2011

I enjoyed the fact that the course was small and personal. The course was really interesting - material and how it was presented. A great experience which I would definitely recommend to others and a great group of trainees.
Kristin - 2011

I've thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt a vast amount! Much more than I initially thought was possible. Many thanks!
Faye - 2011

An excellent course which I'd recommend to others.
Katharine - 2011

Nice, friendly and supportive tutors.
Gosia - 2011

All I can say is that every single aspect regarding the course tutors was perfect. I couldn't have asked for better (and nicer) people to teach and advise me how to become a decent teacher. I have learnt so much; not only about teaching but about myself as well. I'd just like to say a big thank you!
Andrew - 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the CELTA Course and can honestly say it's the best learning experience I've had (and I've had many!). Such a friendly, small-scale class and setting, with outstanding teaching and support from both tutors - it was a fantastic start to my language teaching career and I would highly recommend it.
Philippa - 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the invaluable encouragement and support which you both gave at all stages.
Lesley - 2009

A really worthwhile course - stimulating, challenging and hard work but very good fun.
Nick - 2008

I just wanted to drop you both a line to say thank you again for all your hard work, help and guidance throughout the CELTA course at the English Language Centre in Reading. I enjoyed it immensely and will be forever grateful.
It was one of the most self-fulfilling experiences of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enter into the world of teaching English to adults, enhance their skill set or simply experience the delight in the eyes of those you are teaching.
Rob - 2008